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I am a driven and curious individual who grew up amongst horses, pigs and little sisters on the farm Sygard Forr in Gudbrandsdalen valley, Norway. I love to meet positive people and explore new places, build or develop things together with other people, ride horses, drink coffee and write/ tell stories. I am particularily interested in the interplay between urban and rural, and local and international – the beauty lies in the contrasts! I am currently living and studying in Amsterdam, where I`m doing a Masters in Discourse and Communication at University of Amsterdam. For more of what I`ve done and where I`m going, see my motivational letter to UoA below (spring 2017) – and please get in touch if you want to tag along on this journey somehow! :)

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Did you know that Ringebu gives you wings?🦋😇 Nonchalantly posing by the street art in my local village #LandsbyenRingebu 😜💙So many cool things happened here after I moved (hope it is not a causal relation there, haha)!🙈😂Today was the first time back in town since I moved to Amsterdam abt 2 months ago, and it was great to finally visit the new concept store @vaerfastiringebu for a cup of quality coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls! ☕️😍👌🏻There is a new gallery as well that I have yet to visit (@art_and_vintage), the countdown for the restaurant of @annispolsemakeriringebu is still on…. however I must admit that I think one of the most significant developments of the local community is the new, modern public library (@ringebubibliotek ) in the innovation centre that opened recently!📚 Next time I am home they have also probably introduced the "free membership" that allows people to use the facilities almost 24/7. That is very good news for students who want to go home to the valley in holidays etc. and still have access to a library🤗🤓✌🏻🎓Go Gudbrandsdalen and Ringebu! ❤️ 📸 sister in crime @bayjuliane 🦋Anglewings by @hildekunst from @ringebufhs #citiesforpeople #urbanplanning #architecture #sustainablecities #publicart #streetlife #streetphotography #socialcity #streetart #Ringebu #landsbyenringebu #Ringebu #ektedøl #Gudbrandsdalen #VisitLillehammer

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To Whom it Might Concern  

My name is Birgitte Bay, 28 years old, from Norway. My desire to pursue higher education combined with the curiosity to explore a world of opportunities, led me to London in 2011. I graduated in 2014 with a B.Sc. in Business Management, and have since worked as a project manager in the strategy and development department of Ringebu municipality, Norway. Although I am grateful to see opportunities for continued work engagement in Norway, I am professionally and personally motivated to take my competence and interest in the field of argumentation, rhetoric and communication to the next step. There are two main reasons why I am prepared to both contribute positively to the learning environment and successfully finalize the program:

Solid academic background. My B.Sc. was taught at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. Out of 182 graduating students, I was one of 29 to be awarded with a First Class Honors. The program was designed to develop critical thinking skills and organizational analysis, and emphasized the interconnected nature of business management and society. In practice, this encompassed a range of modules related to communication and argumentation, such as Persuasive Strategies in Marketing (inclusive rhetoric theory), Business Law, Leadership, Exploring Spoken English, Social and Political Marketing and Academic Skills. I gained good research skills both in the module Research Methodology, and during the work with my dissertation (attached). The dissertation was worth 30 ECTS, and my research was awarded with a solid A (83.0). Through the conduction and analysis of the research, I demonstrate a profound knowledge and understanding of the field of communication and organizational politics, highly relevant for this specific master program.

Broad and relevant work experience. As evident in my CV, my work experience shows that I have had various positions where insights in argumentative processes have played an important role. I have leveraged my written and spoken communication skills to get the desired outcome, weather in the form of sales made, client satisfaction or projects completed. My fascination for “the art of persuasion” stemmed from work experience within sales related jobs I had prior to my undergraduate degree. During my studies I discovered the theories of organizational politics, and l saw how political behavior within and between organizations had the potential to significantly improve leadership effectiveness. I applied this theoretical lens to my dissertation research; An Inquiry into How Leaders of Norwegian Destination Management Organizaions Navigate Organizational Politics. I am deeply grateful for the three past years of valuable experience as a project manager in the public sector. This has been relevant practice considering my dissertation topic, and also given me a deeper understanding of the challenges and potential local communities in the regional areas of Norway are facing (see more in my CV). A core lesson I take from this project is that communicative skills and understanding of argumentative processes forms the basis of effective development of a village or a destination with various stakeholders.

In conclusion, I am genuinely interested in enhancing my abilities to produce and analyze persuasive content and employ this to solve challenges faced by businesses and communities in today`s society. On the basis of my academic background, my work experience and my interest in argumentation, rhetoric and communication, I believe I am equipped with the necessary foundation required to successfully complete a Master`s degree at University of Amsterdam.

1 week status: I love Amsterdam life so far, and I am so happy to call this place my home for the next couple of years!🌃😍👌I feel free, alive and mentally alert and open like you often become when you move to a new place without knowing anything or anyone. I keep thinking of how I believe it's healty for critical thinking and creativity to change routines now and then, to not get stuck in a certain pattern or way of thinking or living. Not necessarily moving to a new country or change jobs etc., but to review our daily habits and question if it would be beneficial or fun to do things a little differently. Often we go through life eating the same food, talking to the same people, going to the same places, reading the same newspapers, scrolling the same websites and behaving a certain way just because our surroundings or even ourselfes expect it – or simply doesn't question it. Does it need to be like that?💡 Whatever is good, as long as it is a conscious choice. We always have a choice. So far I am grateful that I chosed to move here, and I am excited that it has just started😄🎓 #internationalstudent #studentcard #todaysthought #uva_amsterdam

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