Month: March 2019


5 locations for book lovers in Amsterdam

Words cannot do justice to the pleasure of a good bookshop. Ironically. I once read this in Waterstones, a bookshop on Trafalgar Square in London and though it was nice. It`s really something about bookshops, libraries and such – whether you love to read, just browse the shelves or like myself; let yourself be amused by the peculiar atmosphere of these places. Here are some selected book-related experiences in Amsterdam.   Rijksmuseum Research Library  When I was visiting one of the most popular, grand museums in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, I didn`t expect to find one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen! Apparently, the library is the largest public art history library in the Netherlands. I later inquired about the possibilities to sit here and study, and the reply was that “access to the Rijksmuseum Research Library is free for researchers. Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of places we can only accommodate visitors who make uses of the library collections.” In other words, not a place where you can casually drop by to read – but if you plan …


6 Amsterdam bike experiences and what I learned from them

My time in the city of sins, canals and bikes is coming to an end faster than I can say «where-are-my-bike-keys-I-have-a-lecture-in-17-minutes-FML». This harsh fact is not easy for me to swallow. But I’m attempting to make it a little rounder on the edges by doing a humble tribute to a central aspect of Amsterdam-life that I have developed a love/hate relationship with; the biking lifestyle. «Lifestyle» might sound a little pretentious, but frankly speaking, you have no choice but to embrace biking as a part of your life in this city! And I love it! Almost always. Here are 6 bike related experiences – and what I’ve learned from each of them. 1. Getting my first bike! Expectation vs. reality Expectation: Cruising around in Amsterdam on a nice looking, new and shiny, well-functioning bike with a cute straw basket filled with fresh vegetables and flowers, while I gently ring the bell to greet fellow students on their bikes, like Norwegians greet other Norwegians when they are on the sjø or in the skiløype. Reality: My …