Month: May 2014


Guest appearance and moondance philosophy

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing people; a friend of mine is one of them. I appreciate his approach to the big and small things in life, and his ability to get things across in a peculiar, clever and entertaining manner. Wherever he is, his presence is accompanied with this type of positive energy not many people are gifted with. Therefore, when he suggested to make a guest appearance here, I was excited about the idea of spelling some of this awsomeness on the blog. I didn`t know what the theme was going to be, but when I received the document yesterday, I read it to myself and I was speechless. This beautiful arrangement of words was actually about myself- how strange and incredibly flattering! Until that point, the day was underpinned by a hangover from the celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day, 17th of May, and the depressing thought of an upcoming exam. However, this document was entitled “Why you should read more Birgitte Bay” and while reading, my silly smile nearly …