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10 Instagram Accounts for London Lovers


Have you ever lived in or visited London, chances are that the city crawled under your skin and captured your heart before you even knew it – like any good love story starts. I try to not let too many months pass without going back. In the meantime I make sure to fill my Insta-feed with enough city lights, architecture, street quirks and glips from the food scene to give me that daily dose of London-vibes. Do you want more inspiration for places to go next time you`re around?
Or simply some fresh, new content in your Insta-feed? Here are some of my favourite London accounts nowadays:

1. @Londonfromtherooftops 

James Burns is the photographer behind this one, and I discovered it about a year ago when I was looking to buy a London calendar. There is no secret that I love rooftops (I mean how can you not), so what`s better than an account dedicated to – exactly- London from the rooftops? Last year I met him around his studio in East London for a chat and to buy a signed London calendar. We spoke about swapping homes so he could chase northern lights in Ringebu while I chased city lights in London. Didn`t happen yet, but if you read this James, offer still stands! ;)

2. @timeoutlondon

Of course! This is the official “what`s on” site in London (Time Out features a range of cities, London is one of many). In addition to digital updates on what to see, do, eat, drink and experience (I am following on IG and FB), they also publish a free magazine that you can pick up from stations, cafès etc. I try to make a note of suggestions I like and should check out next time I visit, although I often forget once I`m in town and spontanity takes over… Anyway, I find their articles inspiring – like in this week`s issue; how to make a difference in London. Perhaps I should make a similar article for Ringebu? :)

3. @peopleontheunderground

Hated and loved – no matter what relationship you have with The Tube, parts of London life happens underground, on the go from one place to another. This accounts celebrates the moments and the people, and I`ve previously mentioned this this account on my insta :)

Hurry up and change the lightbulb, I can't lay down here forever • 📸 by @acroyogadance

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Fun, joyful fact: Today opens London's first 24-h tube! 😍🚉 Congratulations @transportforlondon 🍸 That's an historical event which will change the way londoners live forever! 🎉 An era of "I'm catching the last tube home" is over😄 As an aspect of Londonliving, I've spent countless hours of my life underground. Literary living life underground! Commuting. Eating. Reading #rushhourcrush. Listening to music. Listening to people. Watching people. Talking to people. Revising. Being drunk, tired, asleep, in tears or just insanely happy. Could probably write a book about all the #LondonUnderground experiences!📚😂 Now I'm merely a Londoner by heart, but I enjoy following @peopleontheunderground for a glimpse of undergroundmadness! 💃🐒 #nighttube #LondonisOpen #tubeselfie #igerslondon #sloanesquarestation #publictransport #historicalevent

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4. @poppy_loves_london

London based lifestyle, food and travel blogger with an impressive record of absolutely georgeous shots of street scenes, architecture and facades around town. I am of course a huge fan of street level boutiques and thought through facades, as this brings life and identity to a city (or village) and makes strolling around an experience of its own! Apart from being pleasant eye candy, these pics serve as inspo for neighborhoods to visit.

This Christmas I decided to make a London scrapbook for a dear friend who lives in a far off land (Norway) so I can show her all of my favourite haunts around this beautiful city. I've been using my @Polaroid snap to capture my favourite spots (like this perfect little street in Hampstead, where I bought some Christmas flowers and strolled along with a perfect hot chocolate) for the scrapbook – it's a work in progress and I'll pop it up here for you to see very soon… The camera is completely perfect for this – I can edit the photos before I print them, I can take the photo on my phone and Bluetooth it over to the camera, and I love how I can capture the moment instantly and hold it in my hands, ready to share with my special pal…💕✨📒📝 #takepolaroids #givemoments #sp (link to the camera is in my bio 😘

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5. @prettycitylondon

Content pretty much the same as the account above – definitely makes me want to note down some adresses!

2017 bucket list. … #dishoomkingscross 💫📸 @carterelizabeth

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That roof, that light, that floor give it all to me 💕 it @aubaineuk captured so well by @my.miaou

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6. @prettylittlelondon

….continuing with the name- sister account @prettylittlelondon, this one also boasts a fair share of pics which makes me long back…!

Beautiful winter lights by @a_ontheroad in pretty Shoreditch ❄️✨ #shoreditch #crispymornings #prettylittlelondon

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7. @snowflakesfairy

Actually can`t remember when I started to follow this one, but it`s often a short way from one account to another once you start to engage in certain topics of interest in the Insta-community. I LOVE the mews of London! My first “mews discovery” was Hyde Park mews when I was a London newbie back in 2007. It was not far from where I lived at the time, and I was beyond excited to stumble across a Narnia-like backyard; An oasis behind larger city houses, with flowers, cute (and insanely exclusive) homes and cobblestones throughout the narrow alley. Often a Vespa or two. It even had a stable; Hyde Park Stables (truth to be told, that`s how I found it: I followed some riders heading back from a hack in Hyde Park). Pretty unique, as I later learned that this was the historical function of the mews; a row of stables! *heart eye emoji!!* Today it is mostly garages. Anyway – from mews to bikes and bookshops; this account smells like London and I like it.


Simply “LONDON”- from the sky, on the ground, and anything in between. Can kinda relate to this pic, as there are few places that accompanies “runners high” as alongside river Themes!

Who loves #London *THIS* much?! 🏃🏼 || 📸 @antimitch feat. @josh.perrett || #thisislondon

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10. @jeera

Finally, another London based travel photographer by name  Jiri Siftar. Not only London pics, but still well worthy this list of favourites! Always nice with new perspectives on familiar places, like this one of Covent Garden. Where this blog post was written? Mosty on the plane from London to Oslo, of course. Final glance at the city after spending a few lovely days here <3

It's not over till it's over 🎄🎅🏼🇬🇧😳 #London #CoventGraden #christmas #xmas #visitlondon

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